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I've had a long interest in this hobby since I took industrial arts in middle school. It wasn't until I bought a house, however, that I was able to start getting serious about woodworking. On these pages, I anticipate displaying my woodworking projects, listing my tool reviews, acquired knowledge, project plans, shop layout, etc.

"The reverence that the object maker has for the materials, 
for  the shape, and for the miracle of his skill 
transcends to God, 
the Master Craftsman, 
 the Creator of all things, 
who uses us, our hands, as His tools to make these beautiful things."
- Sam Maloof


Neanderthal Ramblings (Hand Tools)

Hand Tool Pictography (Just pics of some hand tools I've collected over time)

Galootapalooza IX - July 31, 2004

Lie-Nielsen 25th Anniversary Bronze 4-1/2 Plane Log



Tablesaw 1.0 - Craftsman benchtop

Tablesaw 2.0 - Jet Contractor Saw

Tablesaw 3.0 - Ridgid TS 2400

Tablesaw 4.0 - Powermatic PM2000

Bandsaw 1.0 - Central Machinery 14" Bandsaw

Bandsaw 2.0 - Delta 14" 1hp Bandsaw (28-206)

Jointer 1.0 - Jet 6" Enclosed Stand

Jointer 2.0 - Powermatic PJ-882 8" Parallelogram

Drill Press 1.0 - Craftsman benchtop

Drill Press 2.0 - Ridgid DP1550 15" Floor-standing Drill Press

Dust Collector 1.0 - Central Machinery Dust Collector

Dust Collector 2.0 - Oneida 2hp Super Gorilla w/ custom stand



Woodworker's Prayer

Arts & Craft Fonts compiled by John Muphy, Jr.

Firewood Ratings and Info

WoodNet - a great online resource for woodworking. One of the greatest advantages about joining one of these online communities, is that you can get advice and support from literally anyone in the world. The amount of knowledge and experience on all things woodworking that can be found on WoodNet is immeasurable.

Drawer Front Spacing Calculator (Excel) by Cian

Scrapbook - A photoscape of my woodworking related photos. - Convert just about anything to anything else.

Woodworking Books - I'm an admitted book nut too.

Woodworking Services and Retailers


An index of woodworking related articles and guides. These articles are not all necessarily mine. Respective authors are noted. Pick your venue:

Fossil-Fuel-Friendly or Nuclear Powered



Birth of a Woodshop

My (perpetually under construction) Woodshop - I'm currently in the process of building my first woodshop in my basement, albeit very slowly. I am learning a lot along the way though.

Shop-centric Projects

Sound Enclosure for an Air Compressor - I built this 'cuz I figure waking up the dead in the cemetery 2 miles away wasn't very neighborly.

Dust Control

A common topic of discussion in woodworking is woodshop dust control, and, a while back there was a long thread within WoodNet about a great price that one tool vendor had offered on a full-size dust collector. Well, for the benefit of those who participated in the Central Machinery Dust Collector forum thread, I spent some time documenting the activity of this particular discussion and created the HF DC Board.

Dust Collection on the Delta Bandsaw

Notable Woodshop Tours

Anatole Burkin's Woodshop by Fine Woodworking

Chris Gochnour's Woodshop by Fine Woodworking

David Marks' Woodshop by The Wood Whisperer



2007 Lawn Log. My first effort at lawn maintenance as a homeowner.

2008 Lawn Log. Another year, another attempt.

2010 Lawn Log. A better year, but still not perfect.

2011 Lawn Log.

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