The Index of Nuclear-Powered Woodworking Knowledge

This site was created to help me catalog and quickly reference the articles of interest on the web related to Powered Woodworking which I felt are useful. Most of the links are compositions and websites built by others and cataloged here. Some were threads from online woodworking forums such as Woodnet, and I simply made a web-page of the post to preserve the information contained therein. Only a few of the articles are my own, and several links were submitted directly to me. In all cases, I attemtped to give proper credit.


Bosch 4000 vs Ridgid TS2400 by Matthew Schenker

Cabinet Saw Clatter and Bearing Repalcement by Jim Rahbe

Circular Saw Blade Review by Scott "Knotscott" Spencer

Excalibur Overarm Guard Review by Jim "Jbiddle" Biddle

Excalibur Overarm Guard Installation Manual (pdf) by General

Excalibur Sliding Table Review by Keith W. Outten, Jr.

How to Use a Tablesaw (video) by Robert J. McMahon

Incra 1000SE Miter Gauge Review by Tom Hintz

Incra 5000 on a Left Tilt Saw by Louie "Crazy4wood" Rendek

Incra V27 Miter Gauge Review by Tom Hintz

Incra Miter Express Review by Tom Hintz

Jet Contractor Saw Assembly by Cian

Osborne EB-3 Miter Gauge Review by Tom Hintz

Powermatic PM2000 Tablesaw Review by Tom Hintz

Ridgid Portable Tablesaw Review (video) by AskTheBuilder

Saw Blades Review by Jack Loganbill

Shopping for Saw Blades by Charles Self

Shop-made Overarm Blade Guard by Gordon J. Sampson

Shop-made Sliding Table by Highland Hardware

Shop-made Tenon Jig by Zach Etheridge

Steel City Cabinet Saw Review by Justin McCurdy

Tablesaw Basics by Rick Christopherson

Tablesaw Basics by Tom Hintz

Tablesaw Crosscut Sled by Highland Woodworking

Tablesaw Crosscut Sled by "Niki"

Tablesaw Kickback by Ray Girling

Tablesaw Kickback by Tom Hintz

Tablesaw Kickback Demonstration (Video)

Tablesaw Kickback Explained (Video)

Tablesaw Techniques by Chris Christoperson

Tablesaw Tune-Up and Jigs (Videos) with Jim Heavey

Testing Accuracy of a Crosscut Sled (5 Cut Method) by TheWoodshop

Tuning Up Your Tablesaw (Video) with Craig Ruegsegger


Assembling an 8" Jointer by Don Baker

Flattening Wide Boards on a Narrow Jointer by Joe Grout

Jointers by Chris Baylor

Jointer Basics by Tom Hintz

Powermatic 54A Jointer Review by Howard Ruttan

Setting Jointer Knives by Highland Hardware

Setting Jointer Knives by Phil Bumbalough

Should I Buy a Jointer? by Dave Warren and Ron Duncan


Installing a Shelix Head on a Delta 22-580 Planer by Allan Hill NEW

Planer Set-Up and Use by Proven Woodworking

Planer Sled by Keith Rust

Ridgid TP1300 Planer Review

Understanding Snipe by Zach Etheridge


Delta 46-715 Wood Lathe Review by Tom Hintz

Jet 1014 VS Conversion and Shop Made Stand by Nancy K

Jet JWL-1014 Wood Lathe Review by Tom Hintz

Jet JWL-1220 Wood Lathe Review by Tom Hintz

Jet JWL-1236 Wood Lathe Review by Tom Hintz

Jet JWL-1642 Lathe with Ballast Box by Dominic Greco

Morse Taper Dimensions by Laymar Crafts

Making Pens by Bob Noles

Pen Making - Building on the Basics by Jim Shaver

Pen Turning 101 by WoodZone

Powermatic 3520B Lathe Review by Tom Hintz

Reversing Power Switch for the Jet JML-1014VS (PDF) by Mack DeBose

Segmented Bowl by Ken Salisbury

Steady Rest by Ray Lanham

Stubby S750 Lathe Review by Joe Fisher


Delta 17-965 Drill Press Review by Randy in Calgary

Drill Chuck Installation and Removal by Jacobs

Drill Press Table by Dan "Photog" Chan

Hollow Chisel Mortiser Setup and Maintenance by Tom Hintz

X-Y Vise Conversion for a Mortiser by Don Baker

X-Y Vise Conversion for Delta 14-651 Mortiser by Greg Jones


Bosch 1295DVS Random Orbital Sander by Tom Hintz

Delta 31-460 (4" belt / 6" disk) Sanding Center by Tom Hintz

Delta B.O.S.S. Sander Review by Phil Bumbalough

Ridgid EB4424 Oscillating Belt/Spindle Sander Review by Tom Hintz

Sanding Blocks for Belt Sander Belts by "Niki"

Sandpaper 101 by WoodZone

Thoughts on Sanding by Howard Acheson


Jet Slow Speed Wet Grinder Review by Tom Hintz

Jet Slow Speed vs Tormek Grinder Comparison by Tom Hintz

Sharpening Bandsaw Blades by Jack "Timberwold" Edgar Sr.

Sharpening Forstner Bits by Highland Hardware

Sharpening with a Grinding Wheel by Bill Tindall


Worksharp WS 3000 Sharpener Review by "Boxman"


Automatic Drain Valve from Harbor Freight by Jim Wilson

Compressed Air Delivery System by WoodWeb

The Ins and Outs of Pneumatic Nailers by Rick Christoperson

Sound Enclosure for an Air Compressor by Cian


Badger Pond Articles Archive at Woodcentral

Old Woodworking Machines (

Rockler Articles

Scroll Saw Forum

Videos by AskTheBuilder

Woodcentral Articles

WoodNet Forums

The Woodshop

The Woodworking Wiki at Articles


Bandsaw Alignment and Maintenance by Robert "Rfeeser" Feeser

Bandsaw Blade Length by Highland Hardware

Bandsaw Blade Vibration by Zach Etheridge

Bandsaw Blade Storage by Tom Hintz

Buying and Getting the Most Out of Your Bandsaw (Video) with Doug Hicks

Coiling Bandsaw Blades by Highland Hardware

Coplanar Bandsaw Wheels by Highland Hardware

Delta 28-457X X5 14" Bandsaw Review by Tom Hintz

Feed Direction is the Key to Resawing by Highland Hardware

Installing a Bandsaw Riser Block by Robert "Rfeeser" Feeser

Installing a Bandsaw Riser Block (video) by WOOD Magazine

Powermatic PWBS-14 Bandsaw Review by Tom Hintz

A Practical Guide to Successful Resawing by Highland Hardware

Replacing Bandsaw Tires by Robert "Rfeeser" Feeser

Resawing Treated Lumber by Zach Etheridge

Troubleshooting Bandsaw Vibration by Robert "Rfeeser" Feeser


Delta SS350 16" Scroll Saw Review by Tom Hintz


Bits for Porter-Cable Dovetail Jigs by Jack Loganbill

Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm-Grip Router Review by Tom Hintz

Choosing Router RPM by Highland Hardware

Climb-Cutting vs Chip-Cutting by Rick Chistoperson

Dovetail Jig Comparison by Jack Loganbill

Mortising Jig by Tage Frid

NYW Router Table by "Matt in C-town" Boe

Router Bits - An Introduction by WoodZone

Router Buyer's Guide by WoodZone

Router Fundamentals (Video) with Brian Nelson

Router Woodworking by Pat Warner

Router Woodworking FAQs by Pat Warner

Shop-Made Coping Sled by Bruce Kieffer

Sliding Dovetails by Pat Warner


Biscuit Joiners FAQ by WoodZone

Chainsaw 101

Pocket Hole Jig (video) by AskTheBuilder

Pressure Washer Basics (video) by AskTheBuilder

The Template Maker (for Incra/JointTech) by Thomas Giammo

Welding hosted by Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers


Bandsaw Dust Collection by Cian Perez

Bandsaw Dust Control That Works by Zach Etheridge

Cyclone Dust Collector Research by Bill Pentz

Dust Collection for the One Man Shop by Anatole Burkin

The Harbor Freight Dust Collector by Cian Perez

Jet DC1100C Canister Dust Collector Review by Tom Hintz

Miter Saw Dust Hood Modification by Dan "Photog" Chan

Pre-Separator for Dust Collection System by Woodcraft

Shop Vacs vs Dust Collectors by Highland Hardware

Simplified Small Shop Dust Control by Highland Hardware

Thien Cyclone Separator Lid by J. Phil Thien

Workshop Dust Control at


Homeshop Finishes That Work! by Jack and Luzimar Loganbill

Wood Finishing Tips by David Gillie


The Vacuum Press


Buffing and Polishing Metal by Caswell Plating

Choosing a Blade to Cut Plastic by Plastics Distributor® & Fabricator Magazine

Cutting Cement Board (Video) by AskTheBuilder

Cutting Ceramic Tile (Video) by AskTheBuilder

European Hinge FAQs

Glueing Up Thin Boards by Niki

How to Become a More Organized Woodworker by Chris Black

Installing Full Extension Slides by "Jarhead0531"

Kreg Screw Chart (PDF)

Machine Cut Dovetails (Video) with Bryan Nelson

Pocket Hole Joinery (Video) with Phil Huber

Shop-Made Knobs by "Niki"

Shop-Made Mobile Base by Stephen Sawyer

Working with Acrylic Sheet (PDF) by Tap Plastics


Chemicals in the Woodworking Industry by DOCEP of Western Australia

Cleaning Up Oil Spills (video) by AskTheBuilder

Finishing Chemicals by OSHA

Self-Igniting Urethane Dust/Scrapings by Bruce W. Maki

Shop Lighting by Wood Working Hobbyist


Conversion Chart: Fractions to Decimals by Bruce Fackett

The Dirty Dozen Cast Iron Recipe by Dave Arbuckle

Craftsman OEM List at OWWM

Craftsman Product List at OWWM

Electricity in the Woodshop by Rick Christopherson

Incra Product Manuals

Janka Wood Hardness Scale - Chart / Explained

NEMA Plug & Receptacle Reference Chart by Stayonline

New Yankee Workshop Tools

Pressure Regulators - How they work

Restoring Power Tools After a Flood by Dominic Greco

Saw Blade Lingo by DeWalt

Screw-Bolt-Nut Types Chart by BoltDepot

Sizing Wiring and Cabling for Your System


Standard Furniture Dimensions by Highland Hardware


Exotic Wood Pictures

Forest Products Laboratory References

Guide to American Hardwood Species

Hardwood Lumber Grading

North American Hardwood Resources

USDA Forest Service Wood References



Cut List

EZ Plywood Planner


Photographing Your Work - A Tutorial by Neal Addy

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