Delta 28-206 Bandsaw Dust Collection

by Cian Perez

My Delta 28-206 bandsaw comes equipped with a 4" dust collection port as part of the lower casting. However, to improve the dust collection performance even further, I added an additional dust pickup immediately at the blade underneath the table.

The parts I used are a 2-1/2" dust port, 4"x4"x2-1/2" dust wye, 2-1/2" hose, a couple band clamps, and the PVC adapters of your choice.

My bandsaw already had a flip down (nylon?) door underneath the table at the blade. I cut out a "bite" shape off the top of the flip down door to allow max throughput. I trimmed a bit off the "ears" of the accessory dust port adapter to make it fit as close to the blade underneath the table. I then drilled a couple holes to attach the two pieces together using some small bolts/nuts/washers.

I installed the assembly back on the saw, attached the 2-1/2" hose via band clamps, and Woila!

The door's 'flip down' capability still works to facilitate access and adjustment of the lower guides.

When only using the 4" port on the body, the DC was okay, especially with the draw produced by the cyclone. With only the 4" port utilized, dust would accumulate on and around the lower blade guide assembly, and dust would build up on the lower tire from dust being trapped between the tire and the blade (even with a wheel brush installed). However, since I have a smallish enclosed basement shop, I wanted to capture every bit of airborne dust possible.

I did some test cuts after having this setup completed. With the additional connection, NO DUST was accumulating on the lower guides at all, plus there was very little signs of dust on the lower wheel's surface versus what was observed prior to installing the additional hose.

So, as others have experienced with similar setups, this system provides a real observed improvement. It absolutely works!


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