Hand Tool Pictography

by Cian Perez


Veritas Medium Shoulder Planes and Spokeshaves


Stanley No. 18 Type 12 Knuckle-cap Block (c. 1919)


Lie Nielsen No. 60-1/2 and Stanley No. 65


Stanley No. 3 Sweetheart Type 15 Smoother (c. 1931)


Stanley No. 4 Sweetheart Type 15 Smoother (c. 1931)


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks No. 4 Smoother


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks No. 164 Low Angle Smoother


Stanley No. 4-1/2 Type 17 Smoother (c. 1942)


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks No. 4-1/2 Smoother


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks No. 5 Jack


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks No. 62 Low Angle Jack


Stanley No. 5-1/2 Type 11 Jack (c. 1910) with a Custom .125" Lie-Nielsen Blade


Stanley No. 5-1/2 type 11, No. 5-1/2 type 17, No. 605-1/2 type 9



Stanley No. 4-1/2 Smoother and 5-1/2 Jack with Lie-Nielsen Blades


Lie-Nielsen No. 62 and No. 164 Low Angle Planes


Record - Marples, Sheffield, England

No. 778 Rebate Plane, No. 4 Smoother, No. 5 Jack, No. 7 Jointer, and Blue Chip Bench Chisels


Marples Hand Forged Bevel Edge Chisels with Boxwood Handles


Marking knives by Rarebear and Zajicek


Stanley "Defiance" Ratcheting Brace and Irwin Adjustable Spade Bits


Veritas No. 112 Scraper Plane and Freud Rosewood Mortise Marking Gauge


Norse Woodsmith Saws


Tyzack & Turner Handsaws


Japanese Chisels & King Waterstone


Heart Healing Haul


Adjustable Clamp Co. 100 Year Anniversary Clamps - Walnut, Hard Maple, and Bronze


ECE Primus Bottle Opener

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