Cosmetically Upgading a Baily No. 4-1/2 Type 17

by Cian Perez

Johnny "Rarebear" Kleso restored Stanley Bailey No. 4-1/2 Type 17 (ca. 1942-45)


Exploded view of all original hardware


Rarebear does a fantastic job restoring vintage handplanes.

However, I felt this particular plane could improve its looks from its outdated World War II fashion.

So . . .


New rosewood knob and tote from Lee-Valley (on right).

Brass handle and tote hardware from a new Record No. 7 (on right).

Vintage brass blade adjuster donated by Johnny Kleso (on right).


Newly installed rosewood and brass hardware.

(Definitely more refined than the original stained hardwood.)


Original hard rubber blade adjustment knob

(Brass metal parts were being reserved for fighter planes at the time.)


"New" brass blade adjuster - much much better. (Thanks Rarebear!)


All prettied up


Lie-Nielsen blade and chipbreaker upgrade!


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