Woodworking Scrapbook

by Cian Perez

My very first plane

A Sears block blane with a non-adjustable mouth.

Only markings are the "Sears" stamping on the end of the blade.

Purchased in Spring 2003.

A ribbon for Bill "Rbl2" Hall, who's serving as a Carpenter Foremen in U.S. Civil Service in Iraq.
My Delta BOSS from Amazon and more Jorgies from Woodworker's Supply.
My Porter Cable shop banner. Benefits of being a frequent shopper at your friendly neigborhood PorterCableDelta Service Center.

Part of the Lie-Nielsen shipment from a recent purchase at Woodcraft.

If you're a handtool aficionado, you're probably drooling right now.

The rest of you just see a bunch of boxes.


Some of my Backsaws in matched pairs:


Tyzack & Turner

Norse Woodsmith


My first real wood purchase.

275 boardfeet of White Ash and 18 boardfeet of Hard Maple.

Over 1000 pounds!








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