How I Drill Holes in Plane Totes

by Neil Mitchell

This article first appeared as a thread on theWoodnet Forum. It was compiled and reproduced here for easier public consumption. All Text and Images are the property of Neil Mitchell.

I know my way is not the only way but it works very good for me.

First pic is a Stanley #5 tote I cut in half. It looks like it was drilled in 4 stages by a new apprentice

My way you need to be sure the sides of the board you use has parallel edges. I just used a piece of pine for this demo. Mark out the tote and mark the centerline of the hole

Draw a line pependicular to line at top of tote

Cut blank along the line and save the wedge

Place wedge at bottom of blank and drill 1/2 way or more with brad point bit (you should actually drill counterbore for screw head first)

Turn blank upside down and finish drilling hole

Now cut it out, shape with rasps, sandpaper etc. and you are done.

Hope this can help someone.

Thanks for looking.


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