Shop-made Saw Vise

by Daryl Weir

This article first appeared in a thread on theWoodNet woodworking forum. It was compiled and reproduced here for easier public consumption. All Text and Images are the property of Daryl Weir .

Nothing fancy here but has worked for me. 3/4" birch ply with mahogany perfect plank for the bottom pieces and the jaws. Any good hardwood would work. I clamp it to my small makeshift table with Jorgensen hand screw clamps which in turn are clamped to the table with c-clamps. The jaws are pulled together with 3/8" carriage bolts. I've thought I would add a rubber strip on one of the jaws but have never gotten around to it. I prefer to sit when I file instead of standing, just easier on the back for me.

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