Upper H-Stye Filter Bag from AFF

Owner: Red

Photo courtesy from Red

American Fabric Filter Co.



Bag - (H-Style) 10 oz shaker felt
Singed inside, 20" Dia x 33" long CC one
End w/center loop. Re open end W/4
Equally spaced belt loops. Side
Inlet 6" diameter x 2" long located 15"
Up from opend connecting a second bag:
20" diameter x 33 long, CC both top ends.
Top CC with/ center loop. Bpttp, CC w/17" long Zipper.


As posted on WoodNet Forums on 1.27.03:

" I posted a picture of my AFF H style bag previously. I am just beginning to set up my DC system and just planning the layout of the pipe. In the meantime I put this DC to work on my TS/router table 4", with overarm 3" dust collection on the overarm. This is a short run off of one leg of the stock "Y" fitting. Admittedly a very short run of 6' with 4" PVC to the lower saw. Used another 4" "Y" on that run to pick up the 10' run of 3" flex to the overarm blade guard. Also have another Y in there to the bottom of the router which is in the right side of the TS - this is 1-1/2 flex. It works very well with fine MDF dust with no problems other than getting the overarm guard to pick up the fine MDF dust (see previous post on how I solved the problem).

I have the other leg of the stock Y at the DC short coupled to a 40 gallon home made seperator with a blast gate, as can be seen in the picture of the H bag that I previously posted. From this seperator I temporarily have run 20' of smooth bore 4" flex - this I hook up to my Rigid planer and or 7" HF jointer as needed. Both machines are cleared of chips quite well and I do not notice any dust or fine chips from them in during use. Only minor problem that I have is that the DC wants to suck the big chips out of the seperator - gotta work on that. My old smaller 1 HP DC would leave the chips in the seperator.

When using the router table portion of the TS - I sneak a short 5' section of 2-1/2" flex from the collector 4" inlet to the woodshop demos custom TSIII router fence. Works very well and gets all of the router dust & chips quite well. Note, I still leave the above mentioned 1-1/2" line open to the bottom of the router - thus it is sucking top and bottom. Bottom of the router uses stock Freud plastic lower pickup. No dust or chips above or below when routing.

As I mentioned in previous posts - when using only one leg of the DC at a time I have to crack the unused leg open a bit to keep the flow rate up. I can see the swirrel in the lower clear plastic bag slow down quite clearly unless I crack the unused leg open a bit.

Will put the HF DC to further use - hopefully soon - I have a shop built sled that I use frequently - it has a incra fence and a shop stop on it. Very accurate and I love it. Only problem is - same old story - no dust collection on the sled. Cannot get the overarm close enough to get the MDF dust - so gotta design a sled that uses the Incra set up and with blade dust collection and shield. Couple of nice disigns on the web but none using the incra stuff...."


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