The Central Machinery Dust Collector FAQs

by Cian Perez


Does this thing really work?

Yes! For the cost of slightly more than a shop-vac type vacuum, you can have a real dust collector that can do justice to a small shop environment.

Do I really need a Dust Collector?

If you will be exposed to wood dust on an ongoing basis, either occassionally or continuously, then, indeed, YES. If you're like me and need to know the reasons "Why?" then you can ask OSHA or Bill Pentz for further clarification.

Is this really a 2 horsepower unit?

Users have been measuring roughly 14.5 amps in operation. On a 110V/115V circuit, this is more in line with a 1-1/2 horsepower rating.

Can this DC be rewired for 220?

No. Furthermore, users have recommended that this unit run on its own dedicated 20 amp 110V/115V circuit.

Does this DC really pull 1600 cfm?

Test have shown that, for the most part, all dust collectors do not perform at the levels advertised by their manufacturers. User opinions and preliminary testing have shown that this dust collector pulls somewhere in the 1000 to 1100 cfm range under ideal conditions.

What filtration rating do the stock bags have?

The oem bags are rated at 30 micron. Prior to using this dust collector, you should opt to install higher performing filtration bags that are rated down to 1 micron. Why? Ask OSHA or Bill Pentz.

I'm considering aftermarket bags not yet on the Approved Accessories List. What is the bag rim size?

The filter bag support rim has an OD of 19.5".

What is the duct size on the motor?

The inlet flange is 5" in diameter. The included inlet Y-adapter has two 4" ducts and one 5".

How loud is this DC? As provided by Nicobie:

"At about 10' away, with one blast gate open, the most I could get my dB meter to read was 73. For comparsion...

- Sears shop vac~ 83dB

- 110v direct drive compresser~ 86dB

- clothes dryer with nothing in it~ 62dB"

Where can I buy this DC?

This dust collector can be purchased online at Harbor Freight. It is also available at their physical retail stores, but the price at the stores is typically higher.

How much does this DC cost?

Approximately $125 delivered to your door. This is NOT A MISPRINT. To repeat, that's $125 delivered to your door utilizing certain order codes.

NOTE: The past codes for the $125 price are no longer eligible, but this unit is often found on sale for $150 and some stores will honor an additional coupon on top of that.

How do I check on the status of my order?

You can view your order status online at the Harbor Freight Order Status Webpage.

I just got a status of "Shipped." How long until I receive it?

Users have been reporting an average delivery time of 10 to 14 business days (roughly 2 to 3 weeks) from the point they received a "Shipped" notification from Harbor Freight.

What size ducting should I use?

The verdict is still out for what actual size ducting is perfect, but owners have had success using 4" PVC ducting. Preliminary thoughts based on impeller size and horsepower rating imply that 6" may be too large for this dust collector to provide adequate static pressure and air flow, but this has not been proven. Additionally, makeshift calculations show that 5" duct would probably be ideal, but cost for ducting in this size is very inhibitive.

Where's the best deal for 4" flexible duct hose?

Harbor Freight has a $40 package that includes:

What is the HF DC Board?

A side project by an insomniac who happens to have an interest in woodworking. Essentially, it's a webpage that tracks ownership activity of this dust collector as exhibited by the WoodNet forum: HF DC Board


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